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How to change or cancel a hotel reservation.

If you need to cancel a reservation you may do so by going to the secure "My Reservations" page and enter in the requested information. If you have more than one current reservation, look carefully and select the room you wish to cancel. Then click the "Cancel" button. You will receive a cancellation number immediately. This number will also be emailed to you for your records. The individual hotels determine their own cancellation policies. We recommend you read the cancellation policies prior to booking your reservation.

If you need to communicate with a Customer Serice Representative about your reservation, the best way is to use the "Reply" function when viewing the confirmation email that was sent when you made the reservation.

You can also send an email to [email protected], but you must be very careful to properly identify the reservation number and please be aware that cancellations via email are not guaranteed. The secured "My Reservation" page is the easiest and most reliable method.

Note that the hotel "Frequently Asked Questions" page provides helpful information.

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