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LOCAL ADS: Premier Ad Placement on Community Profiles

The HomeTownLocator Premier Advertising Program offers the opportunity for ONE BUSINESS to get TOP BILLING on the lead page for the SIX TABBED SECTIONS OF A COMMUNITY PROFILE!

The best way to understand the Premier Ad program is to view a Community Profile for a location of interest. Here's how:

  1. Select a state gazetteer
  2. On the home page for the state gazetteer, either select a county and then click the Cities tab to see a list of cities and towns within that county, OR
  3. Select the Cities link in the red bar at the top of the page. This link will lead you to an alphabetical list all of the cities and towns in the state.

When you've selected the city or town of interest, you'll either see a "placeholder" type ad in the upper right that says, "Your Logo Here - Affordable Local Advertising" or you'll see an ad for a local business. If the placeholder ad is present, you can click on it and learn details of the program including the cost for the Premier Ad spot on a community of that size.

If that community already has a advertiser for the Premier Ad position, you can either add your name to a waiting list for that slot or you can select a different community that does not yet have a Premier Advertiser.

Standard Ads on HomeTownLocator

Standard advertsing on the HomeTownLocator state gazetteers is handled via Google AdWords Managed Placements. They provide complete instructions on how to have your ads appear on HomeTownLocator.

If you are a new Google AdWords client, you can get professional, personalized help - individually tailored to your needs - for free. Call 1-877-721-1742 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 9pm ET). Be sure to tell the Google AdWords consultant that you want to do Managed Placements on HomeTownLocator.

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