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How to contact someone from the local government.

Navigate to the state and then to the Community Profile for the city or town of interest. You now have three methods to find what you are looking for. The three methods use different data sources, so the chances are quite good that one or more of the three methods will have what you are looking for.

Method 1. Look at the navigation elements in the upper-left that says, "Jump to...(on this page)". One of the options says, "Government". Follow that link and see if what you are looking for is contained in that section.

Method 2. Again inspect the "Jump to...(on this page)" navigation items and follow the link for the "Local Directory". In the Local Directory you'll find a link for "Government - City" and "Government - County". Follow the appropriate link.

Method 3. From the appropriate Community Profile page, refer to the "Search the map for:" function in the lower-left underneath the map. This search function is very good for very specific searches.

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